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Longspan Rack

Longspan Rack

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Longspan Racking Systems are like a smaller version of pallet Racking systems.

Comprising uprights, a variety of beams, and a wide range of shelf types to carry bins, trays, boxes and cartons, Medium Duty Racking is a complete storage system for light to medium duty warehouse and industrial storage applications, each layer can bear the weight of 300-800kg. 

It can be configured to create multi-level shelving systems, suitable for any types of storage systems with both automatic and manual picking equipment. 

Cut-in composite structure, standard cut-in units; assembling and dismantling are simple and quick, high-strength steel panel by continuous punching and rolling; shelving depth can be adjusted freely; support bars are fixed to the bottom of the panel in order to reinforce the loading capacity, and there are filters in the front of the panel for use of reinforcing, making it look good; the storage space of each layer can be divided freely by fixing separators to the holes on panel surface; height of each level can be adjusted every 50CM easily, square upright, widely used in every aspect of life.