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Automated Sorter

Automated Sorter

High performance and quality at low running costs are essential keys to success in internal warehouse logistics. Intelligent flow sorting systems for pallets offer a multitude of advantages in the area of internal warehouse logistics with high turnover levels.

E-commerce and online shopping have grown tremendously in the recent years, at constant double-digit growth rates in economies around the world. If you can deliver faster, you get the business. In this complex and demanding market environment, logistics has become a key competitive factorintelligent sorting system is your first choice!

Optimized & reliable sorting system solutions with the following  features:

1.Preassembled and tested conveyor elements are combined individually, optimized conveyor systems.

2.Energy efficient conveyor elements, Individual control unit provides energy-efficient conveyor solutions.

3.Electric drives for less maintenance: Reduced infrastructure and minimized maintenance effort.